Virat Kohli admits that he needs to keep himself fit and manage his workload better

Virat Kohli was given a break after the South Africa series.

Virat Kohli missed just one match on the South Africa tour

Virat Kohli might be physically fit to a super human level, but even he needs a rest after a grueling season. India played against South Africa in South Africa for two months and Virat Kohli missed just one game in the whole tour.

Kohli, who plays almost every match for India, will now be captaining Royal Challengers Bangalore; admitted that he needs to manage his workload better, if he envisions a long career for himself.

"Physically I had a few niggles, I am just getting over those. The workload has started to disagree (taking a toll) with me a little bit. I have to be very careful about how I go forward with my body, my mind, my cricket," Kohli said, while attending a promotional event for a watch brand.

"Times like these are very-very important going ahead. I am totally enjoying it. I do not even have an inch of me missing out on anything because my body really needed this. Although I am keeping a track of the games, I do not watch matches right now and feel like I want to be on the field because I have started to listen to my body,” Virat said.

"And when I am done with this period, obviously in the IPL I will be coming out fresh. I will be mentally in a better place on the field. I have been on the road for a long, long time. I have hardly missed any games. You need to pay respect to your body as well at times and this phase is very important to me," Kohli explained.

"I can sit and not move for hours. As much as energy I show on the field but when I get time at home, I can be a total vegetable. I can be very annoying because I do not move at all," he quipped.

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By Jatin Sharma - 14 Mar, 2018

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