Mohd Shami praised Virat Kohli for backing his players to the hilt

Mohd Shami supports Ravi Shastri’s comments about critics of Team India.

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Virat Kohli led Indian team created history in South Africa, by beating the hosts in limited overs series. They won the ODIs 5-1 and T20I 2-1; despite losing the Test series 1-2. India bounced back in the final Test, on a bouncy and dicey pitch.

Coach Ravi Shastri took a jibe at critics by saying "they only feel happy, when we lose". Now Indian fast bowler Mohd Shami has come out in support of Shastri and said to India TV, "It's easy to comment from the outside about the performance of the team. We never listen to such people and avoid the remarks they make about us."

"They have themselves never achieved such things on the field that's the reason they take out their frustration on us. We strongly believe in giving our all on the field and leave the rest to destiny," he added.

"We always believed we could win. Very few people saw it, but we could have won both those games. Sometimes you feel in your country, people are happy when you lose. We pulled out a calculation where we looked at sessions and we were just two sessions behind and those cost us two Test matches. I said, take the positives out of that and go into the next Test match to win - not to draw - to win," Shastri told Mid-day.

Shami said, "We indulge a lot in the off-field activities together and go on tours with our families. It refreshes our minds and that actually helps in giving our all on the field. The kids brings us positivity in our personal lives and helps us to play better on the field."

Shami was full of praises for captain Virat Kohli and said "It doesn't matter whether we win or lose, we always stay together as a unit and never lose that trust in the players. The captain and coach have that belief in the team that we are a good unit and have that in us to perform at the biggest stage.

"Kohli always pinpoints the mistakes we make as players on the field during the match and give us his constructive feedback about the same. He backs us to the hilt despite worrying about the on-field results. We believe in giving our 150 per cent on the field," he added.

By Jatin Sharma - 06 Mar, 2018

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