Michael Clarke lands up in a fresh controversy

The accused woman is behind the bars as per latest reports.

Clsrke nearly found him amidst an unwanted controversy. ( HT Media)

Former Australian skipper Michael Clarke finds himself amidst some unwanted controversy after a Canberra woman claimed to be a mother of Clarke's child. She was reportedly also suffereing from diabetes, but after thorough police investigation now finds herself behind the bars. 

Crystal-Lee Lancaster, 26, allegedly used the website Plenty of Fish to lure men, netting more than $200,000.

According to court documents, Ms. Lancaster told one of her alleged victims she was a sports doctor who had worked for the Australian cricket team, as well as the Queensland Maroons and South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Recent reports also say that the woman use to rob men for various reasons and leave them bankrupt. 

She is alleged to have asked one of the victims to borrow money to pay medical expenses for her diabetes and for school fees after he told her he had received more than $260,000 in inheritance after the death of his father.

"At no time was he ever just giving her the money," court documents read.The documents said after his final payment, he saw on Instagram that the photos Ms Lancaster used in her Plenty of Fish profile were not of her, which Ms Lancaster admitted, and she made four payments back into his account over the next two months, amounting to $3,750.

As far as the case concerning Michael Clarke is concerned, An inquiry with the register of Births, Deaths and Marriages showed no records of her having a child.Police said she also admitted she did not have diabetes, and her only job has been at a childcare center.

Latest reports suggest that the woman is yet to apply for her bail and will have to be present in the court later this month for her next hearing. 


By Anshuman Roy - 06 Mar, 2018

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