Ramesh Powar resigns as MCA's academy coach

Ramesh Powar played two Tests and 31 ODIs for India.

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Former Indian off-spinner –Ramesh Powar has submitted his resignation to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) as the spin bowling coach of the academy on Wednesday.  

It was the fourth resignation for the state body, as earlier former India batsman Pravin Amre (managing committee member), Dinesh Nanavati (batting coach of the MCA Academy) and Satish Samant (U-19 coach) have a goodbye to the cricket body from their respective roles at MCA.

Following his six-month stint at the BKC facility, the 39-year-old put down his papers as he was denied the opportunity to conduct a three-week camp in January for budding spinners.

As per TNN, Powar told TOI on Thursday, “There was no work to be done. There are a lot of protocols and technicalities in the MCA. I submitted a proposal (for a camp) in the first week of January. Now, we're in the second week of February, but they never got back to me. I can't just sit there and draw a salary from the MCA when I was supposed to help the spinners around.”

Commenting on the camp, which he wanted to be organized for Mumbai's upcoming spinners, Powar said, “One of the kids I wanted to work on was (Mumbai left-arm spinner) Karsh Kothari. A lot of commentators were saying that his head/body is falling over one side while bowling. He's physically weak. He's got weak legs and hips. I had observed it during the season and I wanted to address that. With the help of a bowling coach, physio, and trainer, he would have become better.”

He further explained of the camp, “I had made a note that I wanted to work more on left-arm spinner Sidak Singh's action. Vijay Gohil (Mumbai left-arm spinner) wasn't in form, and I wanted to work on his mental strength. It would have been a good exercise. I was thinking of merging the talent hunt camp with these spinners. It would have allowed us to gel and become a strong unit of 25 or 30 spinners.

Mumbai cricket would have benefited. The board exams were starting from the 21st. So our best chance was to have a camp for three weeks starting from January. However, things were moving so slowly that I couldn't do anything, and if I'm not going to justify what I was appointed for and if I don't have creative freedom, what's the point of staying there.”

Former off-spinner also alleged that the MCA worked "unprofessionally". Powar signed off by saying, “There should be a system. They should have informed me that I have been assigned as the talent hunt coach (of the bowlers) for a camp from January 15 to 20 via a letter or a mail. Instead, I got a call from a clerk in the MCA, who told me that I need to report for the camp. He then went on to ask me whether I'll bring my own car or should the MCA send one. Aghast at his query, I told him that I'll get my car. This is nothing but unprofessionalism basically.”

By Rashmi Nanda - 16 Feb, 2018

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