Sara Tendulkar’s stalker Debkumar reveals the reason why he wanted to marry her

Debkumar Maity called Sachin Tendulkar's landline phone 20-25 times last month.

Sara Tendulkar

Mumbai Police arrested the man who stalked Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara for months some time back. Now it has been revealed that the stalker, whose name is Debkumar, has revealed why he used to call Sara on Tendulkar’s residence phone over and over again.

The stalker made 20 phone calls to Tendulkar’s office, passed lewd comments about Sara and threatened to kidnap her last month.

Debkumar revealed that a lightning strike convinced him to pursue Sara. He said, “I looked up in the sky and asked, ‘Is Sara Tendulkar my wife?’, and lightning struck to confirm it. I said it on the phone when I called Tendulkar’s office.

He asked his nephew to scourge the net for Tendulkar’s number and called that number 20-25 times. “I used to say, in broken Hindi, ‘Sara Tendulkar is my life and I want to marry her’,” Debkumar said. He later showed a tattoo on his wrist which reads ‘Deb and Sara’ surprising everyone. “Ships, trains stop at my sight. Even I am the best in the world,” he claims.

I do not regret any of my decisions,” Debkumar concluded and the worst part is that he got the tattoo done way back in 2013, when Sara was just 13 years old.


By Jatin Sharma - 10 Feb, 2018

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