Sarfraz Ahmed should consult MS Dhoni, says Mohammad Yousuf

Sarfraz is having a hard time in New Zealand.

Mohammad Yousuf | GETTY

Pakistani skipper and wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed is having a form and fitness issue. A team's performance revolves around the skipper's performance and right now both Pakistan and Sarfraz are struggling to perform well in New Zealand.

Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf has advised Sarfraz to consult MS Dhoni to get over his fitness and form issues. "I think Sarfaraz needs to work on his fitness and skills a lot more. Unless he is in top form he can't expect the team to respond," Yousuf said.

"Dhoni led India admirably in all three formats for a long time and performed not only as captain but also as a batsman and wicketkeeper. Sarfraz can learn a lot from him," he added.

Sarfraz, who led Pakistan to ICC Champions Trophy win, failed to avoid a whitewash in New Zealand in the ODIs. The Pakistani skipper himself failed to get a big score in the series. Yousuf thinks there is nothing wrong in taking help of Dhoni.

"Nothing wrong in giving Dhoni a call and chatting to him. He can give a lot of helpful tips to Sarfaraz on how to handle things because it is never easy when you are the keeper and also the captain," Yousuf said.

He also said that fitness is key and can't be ignored.

"I see him on the heavy side and he has to now focus on his batting and keeping a lot more. Dhoni can guide him on how he achieved so much success and how he had handled the pressure of all responsibilities so well for so long," he added.


By Sihyeu Singh - 24 Jan, 2018

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