Ian Chappell lashes out at Hardik Pandya for his arrogance

Ian Chappell believes Hardik Pandya needs to control his ego.

Trying to play the ball over the slip of Lungi Ngidi, Hardik Pandya caught out by wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock in Centurion | Twitter

Legendary Australian Test cricketer and Cricket pundit –Ian Chappell, on Monday, lashed out at Indian star all-rounder Hardik Pandya for his “unforgivable” laziness, sloppiness and arrogance.

He is also disappointed by Pandya’s poor run-out during the Centurion Test against South Africa, saying Cricket has some basic principles, under which you are given a lot of information, and if a batsman of the international level is out like this, then it is shameful. Chappell also believes that Pandya needs to change his nature, and control his ego to become a good all-rounder in future.

He went to further express his displeasure over modern days’ players, who are ignoring basic principles of the game which cost their individual performances as well as team.

In his column to Hindustan Times, Chappell wrote, “I watched aghast as Hardik Pandya was needlessly run out in the first innings of the second Test against South Africa. I wondered whatever happened to adhering to the basic principles of the game? I’m not talking about coaches developing new techniques to enhance the power hitting required in the modern game; or the tactics devised to curb the flood of runs caused by the increased boundary flow; I’m talking about simple, basic principles of the game.”

The renowned cricket analyst further said, “These principles apply in any form of the game and ignored, they can lose games, as Pandya’s brain fade may well have done. “Always ground your bat when running between wickets,” it should have been one of the first things Pandya was told by a coach.”

He is also surprised with both current Coaches and players, saying either coaches do not make preparations for basic principles with players at home or the player ignores them intentionally. Ian further stated, “There weren’t many coaches when I was growing up but I had a good one who didn’t ignore the basics of the game. With so many coaches available these days, I’m wondering whether it’s that they don’t hammer home the basic principles or the players choose to ignore them?”

Commenting on Pandya, Chappell said, “Pandya’s laziness; sloppiness; arrogance; call it whatever you want, it was unforgivable. Basic principles like grounding your bat; not turning blind; always balancing yourself with a slight foot turn before taking a catch in the slips; these should be adhered to. If they’re ignored it’s a fair bet they’ll bite you on the backside at the most inopportune time.”

He concluded by saying, “And no sooner was Pandya back in the pavilion ruing his needless error, than in another part of the world South African U-19 opener Jiveshan Pillay was out, obstructing the field. This used to be out “handled the ball” but the law has been changed.”


By Rashmi Nanda - 23 Jan, 2018

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