Syed Kirmani takes back his ‘eye donation’ statement on religious grounds

Kirmani is a religious person and therefore he won't be able to honour his pledge.

Kirmani is a member of India's 1983 World Cup winning squad | BCCI

Former Indian wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani showed a big heart on Saturday (January 6) as he promised to donate his eyes at a function. However, the 68-year-old took back his words just a moment later citing religious values.

“Naan en kankalai dhaanam seikiren, neengalum kan thaanam seiyungal (I am donating my eyes, you too donate your eyes),” Kirmani said according to Times of India.

“The thought of donating your eyes only comes when you have come of age. Rajan is doing a yeoman service by helping others see the light of the world and I realised the importance of this cause. If more known faces like us come forward for this cause, it would be really helpful,” he added.

Being a religious person, Kirmani later realized that he might not honour his pledge and thus clarified that he is an emotional person and his religion won’t allow him to fulfill this noble gesture.

“I am an emotional and sentimental person. I was so touched with Rajan’s initiative that I pledged to donate my eyes. However, I might not be able to honour my commitment due to some religious values. And not everyone in India honours their pledge. But it shouldn’t deter others in coming forward to donate their eyes,” said the 1983 Cricket World Cup winner.

Meanwhile, Kirmani had recently helped the Indian blind cricket team to prepare for the Blind Cricket World Cup wherein he got motivated to join the eye donation cause.

“I was invited to give them a pep talk before they departed for Dubai. I saw their dedication and determination and was pleasantly surprised. That encouraged me to join the cause of donating eyes. I will also be flying to Dubai to inspire the team further,” revealed Kirmani.




By Salman Anjum - 07 Jan, 2018

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