Javed Miandad asks PCB to not play India in future

Miandad also asked PCB to look into financial matters.

Miandad has asked PCB not to beg BCCI for bilateral ties. (Dawn)

According to latest, PTI reports, former Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad has asked the PCB to not indulge in any more bilateral ties with India, hinting that the friendly relations between both the nations have come to a close. 

"They don't want to play with us so be it. Our cricket will not die if we don't play with India. We should move on and forget about them," Miandad told the media at a function in Karachi.

"They haven't played against us since the last 10 years, so what? Has our cricket gone down? no, we have done well. The Champions Trophy win is an example. Cricket cannot die in Pakistan. We have also survived without international cricket at home since 2009," he pointed out.

The former captain urged the PCB to manage its finances better.

"Today the PCB is financially stable but there is a need for proper accountability of where the money that comes from the ICC is spent.

"There is a need to reduce the administrative expenses of the board and get rid this army of advisors, consultants and employees. The PCB can easily function without paying such heavy salaries to an over-sized staff," Miandad concluded. 


By Anshuman Roy - 05 Jan, 2018

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