Watch: Brett Lee’s intriguing chat with old foe Sachin Tendulkar

Lee and Sachin had exchanged quite a few memorable on-field battles during their playing days.

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Indian legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar and former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee are two of the cricket’s biggest names in their own way. While they have exchanged quite a few memorable on-field battles during their playing days, both the retired cricketers are now very good friends and share a healthy camaraderie.

Adored by billions in India, Lee recently posted a video on his official YouTube channel and captioned it as: “I catch up with old nemesis and great friend Sachin Tendulkar for the first episode of 'Up in the Grill'. In part one I chat to Sachin about what he's been up to recently. And some classic battles we had together as well!”

In a 4 minute 52 seconds long video, the Aussie speedster asked Tendulkar about is life post-retirement to which the Master Blaster replied: “Chilling, spending lot of time with my family and so many other initiative that I have been involved in. It’s nice to do certain things because for 24 years the guys who were on the other side of the fence constantly wishing well for me, supporting me. I am getting time to rub shoulders with them just to be able to thank them in person makes a huge difference.”

Lee, who represented Australia in 76 Tests and 221 ODIs over the course of his 13-year long international career, talked at length about Tendulkar’s early days and the role of his father to give him the much needed freedom to pursue his dream. Fondly called as Binga, Brett Lee also reminded Sachin of his maiden international ton against England at the Old Trafford back in 1990 as a 17-year old and asked him how his life would’ve been without cricket.

“Really really hard to imagine my life without cricket. Cricket was like oxygen for me, impossible to survive without cricket. I still remember when I was practicing in my school days, my coach would literally pull me out of the nets because we could barely see each other and we, our friends would still want to go on and on. We loved playing much and it was our passion and it continues to be my passion,” Sachin said.

Talking about his father Tendulkar said: “My love is cricket, he supported me, he gave me the freedom to play and I think that’s the greatest gift I have got in my life because if those hadn’t happened in my life god knows what would have happened to me.”

Brett Lee also shared this fascinating chat on his official Twitter page and wrote, “Part 1 of my interview with the great man @sachin_rt @100MasterBlastr live now on my YouTube Channel. Click below and in my bio and stay tuned for Part 2 soon.”

You can also watch the full conversation here.


By Salman Anjum - 30 Dec, 2017

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