Dilip Vengsarkar highly impressed with eligance and brilliance of Virat Kohli

Dilip Vengsarkar refused to draw the comparison between Kohli, Smith, Root and Williamson.

Four star cricketers of the modern era | Getty Images

There are four-star cricketers named –Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Joe Root, and Kane Williamson, who all are leading their respective nations, have been playing mind-blowing cricket and made headlines every time whenever they are on the crease with the bat –of the modern era of the game of Cricket.

They all show every time their class to the world and being often compared with each other, but at the moment, Kohli and Smith are two among those who are on the best of their games.

Usually, Kohli and Smith become the cause of debate among Cricket Pundits due to the comparison for the best batsmen between them. But, former Indian skipper Dilip Vengsarkar refused to draw the comparison between them, saying it is wrong to compare them because they all are great players.

Virat Kohli | Getty Images

Speaking to Gulf News, Dilip Vengsarkar said, “They are all great players and I feel it is not right to compare them.”

Vengsarkar also said that England skipper Joe Root is a very good cricketer and has the all the abilities whichever need to be a great player, but highly impressed with elegant and brilliant Indian skipper.

He concluded by saying, “If you ask me who will you want to watch play, I will watch Kohli because he is so elegant and a brilliant cracker of the ball. Smith is an effective player but not an elegant player.”



By Rashmi Nanda - 29 Dec, 2017

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