MS Dhoni names his favorite non-cricketing sports personality

MS Dhoni hit the winning runs in the final T20I vs SL in Mumbai.

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Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni follows many other sports apart from cricket and football. Tennis is one of them and we have seen Dhoni attending the US Open semi-final in 2016. 

Cricketers have come to cheer their favorite tennis players on various occasions, be it during Wimbledon earlier and now US Open. 

Dhoni in an interview earlier this year, spoke about his favorite non-cricketing sporting personality. He took no time to reply, "(Rafael) Nadal in Tennis".

Dhoni further stated the reason behind his choice, "Somehow I always been a number two supporter. Not consciously, but it just happens. I was an Andre Agassi supporter and he was number two that time. Steffi Graf, she was number two. Then Nadal, number two. Of course, he went on to become the world number one."

Rafael Nadal

He added the reason why he likes Nadal and what is there to learn from the Tennis star. "I think his never die attitude even when it's the last point, he's losing but still he will give his best and that's what something is very important. Not to throw in the towel till the result is there. Often, what we have seen in our sport also it happens that, a few runs are needed the wicket is flat and they have more wickets in the dressing room, then what happens is you tend to back off saying 'ok we have lost this game and now let's look for the next one'.

"But what's important is to still give your best and still try to win the game from that position. You can still get a lot of positives out of it."

Dhoni speaking about the 'Never Give Up' attitude, shared an example too. He said, "Let's take an example. When we were playing for CSK (Chennai Super Kings), there were games where lecture 90 to 95 percent chances of us losing because the game has progressed that way. Maybe we didn't score many runs but what's the positive to get out of that game and I always kept the picture in mind that it's 14 games.

"You have to do well in 14 games then you qualify for the semis or knockouts. So, I said if we can prolong their victory it does affect the run rate and at the end of the 14th game I don't want to be in a position where you're calculating and then suddenly you see if the fourth game we have lost, if we had bowled slightly better maybe this run rate would have been slightly better for us and we would have qualified." 


By Sihyeu Singh - 27 Dec, 2017

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