Todd Astle speaks about being a leg spinner

Todd played alongside Ish Sodi against India.

Astle was part if the Kiwi squad which toured India. (HT Media)

Todd Astle is New Zealand’s recent recruit as a leg-spinner who is awaiting his long stint chance in the international arena. With fellow spinner Ish Sodhi on the sidelines it is a tug of war situation between the both of them as to who can make the breakthrough first in the team. Sodhi having played for some years in international cricket is getting the nod ahead at the moment but Astle feels that his chance is not far away.

In a recent interview with Cricbuzz, Astle spoke about how is it being a leg spinner in New Zealand and the various issues that come along with it. "Over the years, we have played a lot together in these sort of teams and now we understand that it is such a unique art that we often ask, 'How are you getting on, how is your wrong-un...' You mean to help one another with your bowling and then planning against different players” said Todd Astle.

Astle speaks about the lack of resources back in New Zealand and how difficult it can be if one has to be a legspinner there, first because of the conditions that just doesn't suit that art and second because there are no mentors to take them through the tricks of the trade.

"Volume of hours of training that you need to do to understand your own game was a challenge. When it comes to coaching, you obviously didn't have mentors or coaches, it was about people giving you the confidence or backing. As a legspinner, you are going to go around a lot of times on the park but that is how you learn to become better. When good days happen, it makes it worthwhile. I guess I am proud of myself to have worked it out."

Todd Astle was a part of the Kiwi squad who toured India recently. He said that the tour was a learning curve for him and that it has worked well for him. 

"For me, I had to find a bit more pace, so that was a learning curve as well. When I came over here a few years ago, it was about having more energy around the crease and a bit more pace, so I figured that out and had more success once I understood my bowling a bit more. Then now I take a look at Amit Mishra and then there's Chahal, probably a bit quicker through the crease, Twenty20 has made things like that, slower spinners do not last that long. In New Zealand conditions, where there is a bit of bounce and pace, I suppose you can get away with that. Just watching more IPL and T20 cricket, I get to see different leggies go about their business” concluded Astle.  


By Anshuman Roy - 24 Dec, 2017

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