Pakistan profit from updated FTP between 2019 – 2023

Pakistan will play 121 international matches between 2019 - 2023.

PCB officials are happy with the renewed project. (Reuters)

In latest reports as per Cricinfo, Pakistan has gained by a huge margin in the updated and new version of the FTP hat Full Members took into the workshop, held on December 7 and 8.

The earlier FTP showed 104 internationals scheduled for Pakistan between May 2019 and May 2023. The updated version has them playing 121 internationals - they have two Tests, five ODIs and 10 T20Is more than in the earlier FTP.

That total puts them on a more even footing with countries such as Australia (123), Bangladesh (124), South Africa (122) and New Zealand (119). It is not yet clear who the extra matches have been arranged against. The FTP will likely undergo further tweaks - though not significant ones - as members aim to present a final version at an ICC board meeting in February.

The PCB will play 30 Tests in the new FTP, a number that officials say could have been higher had there not been three ICC tournaments in the cycle that run through the Pakistan home season, as well as an expanded six-week window for the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The World T20 in Australia in 2020 is scheduled for October-November that year, as is the Champions Trophy in India the following year (though neither tournament, traditionally, lasts that long), and the 2023 World Cup in India is across February-March. In fact, the latter will require a shifting of the PSL window for that year, likely to be brought forward.

Add to that Asia Cup matches (which are not included in the FTP total) plus the obligatory ICC tournaments and they could end up not far below the number of internationals they are scheduled to end within the current FTP.

Here is the latest tweet by Cricinfo, with all the details regarding the new change in the FTP of all the international teams.



By Anshuman Roy - 20 Dec, 2017

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