Indian cricketers may get 100% salary hike

The Indian Cricket Team is all set to get a 100 percent pay hike as per reports. The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) is working on a formula to add Rs 200 crore to the existing corpus of Rs 180 crore in this season to provision for the hike next season.

As per the present arrangement, 26% of BCCI's annual revenue is split three ways - 13% for international players, 10.6% for domestic cricketers and the rest for women and juniors. However, the allocation for different categories of cricketers is likely to change and a top player like Kohli, who made Rs 5.51 crore from 46 matches in 2017, could now earn more than Rs 10 crore per year in emoluments from BCCI.

"Senior cricketers are certainly going to get a 100% raise and even domestic players would get the same percentage increase," a source close to CoA said. "Since, these cricketers are the reason for BCCI's revenues, can't the board afford another Rs 200 crore for their salaries?" a top board official asked.

Sources said former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly had raised the issue of domestic cricketers' salary at the BCCI SGM on Monday and said how a substantial increase in the salaries of domestic cricketers is a must.

It was revealed that the new formulae won't eat up into the 70% share of BCCI's state units. "Because of the sheer bulk of the money, the senior Indian cricketers can't be given half of the projected 26% revenue of BCCI.

“It would be distributed in such a way that domestic cricketers also get big hikes," the official explained and concluded.


By Coc Administrator - 15 Dec, 2017

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