Ravindra Jadeja suffers an unfortunate identity crisis

Ravindra Jadeja irked by a fan and expressed his anger on Twitter.

Ravindra Jadeja | Getty Images

Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, who is among the most celebrated faces of the Indian cricket, but he did not recognize by a fan, who mistakenly called him by wrong name – Ajay, that irked the star player, who expressed his anger on the social media on Friday.

At the moment, Ravindra Jadeja is at the second position in ICC Rankings for all-rounders in Test and third for Test bowlers. Actually, the mistake of this fan was just that he had called Jadeja in the wrong name that got him angry and called the fan - 'stupid' and 'gavaar'.

During the final day of the Delhi Test against Sri Lanka on 6 December, Jadeja took 5 wickets with his magnificent bowling that impressed so many, and that fan one of those fans, who came and praised his bowling but made a mistake that he called him 'Ajay' instead of 'Ravindra Jadeja'.

When the fan called him Ajay, the Indian all-rounder became so angry and called that fan a stupid and gavaar. Noteworthy, Team India has also had Famous Cricketer - Ajay Jadeja.

On Friday, Jadeja wrote on his official Twitter handle, “Someone came to me and said“well ball Ajay. you bowled brilliantly in the last match”.played 9 years of international cricket for the country and still ppl don't remember my name.


By Rashmi Nanda - 08 Dec, 2017

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