Indian Medical Association lashes out at BCCI

Players of both teams fell sick while playing in Delhi.

Sri Lankan players fielded with mask during the Delhi Test | Getty Images

The Indian Medical Association (IMA), on Thursday, made a request to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to consider atmospheric pollution as a factor while determining a certain venue for the game in the country after Sri Lankan players complained of the poor air quality in Delhi.

As per ANI, IMA quoted about the matter, “Greatly troubled about the recent cricket match between India and Sri Lanka in Delhi played under conditions of high levels of air pollution.”

During the third Test match between India and Sri Lanka at Feroz Shah Kotla, in Delhi, many Sri Lankan players throwing up on the field, due to which the play halted on several occasions, and even IMA also believes that the Air pollution also reduced the performance of the touring side in the final Test.

The statement further reads, “Air pollution also reduces the performance of the athletes. In a situation where milliseconds and millimeters often determine the success of athletes, air pollution can be an important factor in affecting their performance. Rain and poor light are taken into consideration when determining suitable playing conditions; we suggest that atmospheric pollution should now also be included in the assessing criteria for a match.”

On Tuesday morning, the air quality index (reserves 301-400 as a value on the higher side of the “very poor” category) read 379 in Delhi; where Lankan managed to draw the final Test of the series.



By Rashmi Nanda - 08 Dec, 2017

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