IPL 2018: Five most disappointing players of this season

There are players who arrived and inflicted huge expectations but failed to live upto them.

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There is a reason why the Indian Premier League is the toughest T20 league in the world. You can be the best player in a skill and yet, find the challenge a bit too tough to handle. The pressure of the highly professional franchise setup, in varying conditions of a country which is so geographically vast, the travel for 14 games across only 45 days..can bog down the most renowned.

The current Indian Premier League season is no different. There were players across all the eight franchise, that were thought to be ones who would be the most impactful and make the decisive performances.

The auction is an extremely dynamic process as much it is a democratic one. Each franchise has an equal purse and as big a chance to get a player as the other team does. The player can be deserving of a prize X and yet, end up getting Y, it should never be the metric to judge the success of him but it does end up being

There were players in this season who came into the season with the ability and hence the expectations of doing great things for their team but they didn't. It's a cycle the best players can go through, especially in this format.

Hence, the team COC gets down to analyse and list out five such players who were inflicted huge expectations but ended up being the disappointments of the season.

By Kashish Chadha - 26 May, 2018

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