IPL 2018: Five players that shouldn't feature for DD next year 

Delhi Daredevils needs to build themselves around the right people.

Delhi Daredevils pic credit IANS

Delhi Daredevils, are an enigma. Knowing fully well that most of the results that happen are as much influenced by the performances on the field as they are by decisions off it, It is still absolutely disheartening how a team can get it wrong for so long.  

The Indian Premier League follows an absolutely fair and a democratic process of the auctions. Each team gets the same amount to bid and get their players, a Delhi Daredevils has as much a chance to win the Trophy as Chennai Super Kings, at the start of the season. 

It is not that Delhi doesn't build teams that can go all the way, they've never been able to get their house in order for some reason. We aren't privy to it, but there is a genuine need for that franchise to be built around the right personnel. 

If they are(and you would hope they are), thinking along the lines to build their team around the strong team management of Ricky Ponting as the head coach and Shreyas Iyer as the Captain, they need to give those guys better team to work around. 

The young Indian talent has shone through and has earned their praise on the back of performances, perhaps it is time to look for better support to them. It is time for Delhi Daredevils to look back at their season gone by and decide which are the players that can take them forward and which aren't the guys who should be wearing the Blue and Red next year. 

The Team COC gets down to analyze and put across the list of such five players who shouldn't be wearing the Delhi Daredevils batch next year if this team is to move forward. 


1. Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir (IANS)

It must be confessed, the greatest fear at the time, when Delhi decided to build themselves around Gautam Gambhir at the start of the season, was whether Gambhir at this stage of his career be able to walk into that side. It is not a question Gambhir would've had on him in his prime or at the time he was playing for Kolkata Knight Riders. Gambhir had talked about two things when he embarked upon his new journey, he wanted to be able to walk into the side as a batsman first and that he wished to end in Delhi, a place where it all started for him many years back. Afraid, the value based man took a tough decision with the first and won't have much to do about the second next year. 


2. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell (IANS)

It is a perception that DD has a very bad habit of inflicting, that they have the player who can make an impact on the season. Glenn Maxwell at his best is one such player. Maxwell can change a game in two shots, Maxwell can win a game on his own but sadly Maxwell did nothing for Delhi Daredevils this year. It must be really depressing for DD that a player like him just didn't get going at all. It might reflect next year, you are unlikely to see Glenn Maxwell play for Delhi Daredevils next year. 


3. Colin Munro

Colin Munro (IANS)

Colin Munro is a very interesting player and a curious case, he has three T20 international hundreds to his name and two of those have come against an Asian country. He has the game to counter spin and still be explosive but he wasn't for Delhi. There seems to be a genuine lack of confidence in his footwork when he sees a spinner at the start of the innings. You can't excel in Indian Premier League without good ability to play spin. 


4. Daniel Christian

Dan Christian (IANS)

Amongst Cricket's three formats, two have a very clear perspective and are pure in the way they are played out. T20 is one such sport. You need exceptional skills to make an impact while playing it. It has to be said, Daniel Christian has never been that cricketer. Teams pick players like him for their ability to do both skills at reasonable quantity. Big mistake!! Just reasonable has never worked consistently in T20. Delhi Daredevils needs better quality for their team to be filled with next year and Christian doesn't provide it. 


5. Jason Roy

Jason Roy (IANS)

At first glance, you would think to have Jason Roy is a great strength of Delhi Daredevils. Here's the modern day cricket's one of the best-limited overs cricket openers and he played just five games for one of the most unsuccessful Indian Premier League teams. Jason Roy scored only 120 runs. Unlike Munro, Roy doesn't seem lacking in confidence against spin, especially when he lofts the ball over cover for a maximum, but you feel Delhi Daredevils think they have a better opening stand to work around than Roy being involved. 

By Kashish Chadha - 22 May, 2018

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