IPL 2018: Never seen a guy who works as hard with youngsters like Kohli, says Quinton De Kock

De Kock reiterated that Virat will defenitely win an IPL trophy, sooner rather than later.

De Kock has been mesmarized by Kohli the Skipper. (IANS)

Quinton De Kock, the left-hand wicketkeeper-batsman for Royal Challengers Bangalore, has come out in defence of the image of his Captain Virat Kohli, who can come across as very aggressive and brash at times, by stating that Virat is one of the nicest cricketers he has played cricket with. 

In an interview recently given to the India Today, De Kock expressed how his stint for RCB playing alongside Virat Kohli has helped him getter a better understanding of the man himself. He said, "He is a good person who always looks to help a youngster out. I have never seen a guy who works as hard on youngsters,"

"It appears when you are playing against him that he is quite emotional. But he is not. When you play with him, you know it's just Virat being Virat. He is very passionate and wants to win,"

Unfortunately and dare it would be said Self-inflictedly, RCB has gone through another poor IPL season, but De Kock said that he is fine as long as the team gives their hundred percent on the field. He said, "Any side which is not in the top 4 would have loved to be in the top 4. But what can we do? We gave it our best shot. We are having fun playing the game to the best of our abilities. Maybe we have not done as well as we could have and what people expected us to do. But one can't win everything and can't win all the time. If we look to keep improving, mother cricket will look after us one day,"

When De Cock was purchased by the RCB, there were a lot of expectations from him but there is a feeling, purely on the back of his performances, that he has underachieved. 

He also talked about it and said, "I don't think there are more expectations with RCB. My first team, Delhi also had lots of expectations. When I first came in four years ago, it just didn't happen. Now I have come to another team and it hasn't happened again. But I haven't felt any extra expectation. The expectation of personal performance maybe because people come to see RCB perform. That's one thing that springs to mind,"

On his on-field communication with Virat Kohli, De Kock said, "Kohli always wants to be in full flow of the game. He always wants to take the bulls by the horns. But we try and help him whatever way we can. He is one of our better fielders so he ends up fielding on the boundary. So, me or someone else in the ring communicate with him and give our thoughts,"

There is a growing thought that with the way RCB has been working over the years, Virat might never win an IPL trophy despite being one of the best-limited overs cricketers of the modern day cricket. De Kock doesn't buy into it at all. He said, "Good things come to good people. He still has another ten years for RCB and I am sure he will win a couple of IPL titles. It's just a matter of when," 


By Kashish Chadha - 12 May, 2018

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