Farzi Times: Steve Bucknor hired by IPL to stop umpires from making wrong decisions

Bucknor was one of the most feared umpire of his time and inventor of shoulder before wicket dismissal.

Steve Bucknor | Twitter

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will be pleased that their performance isn't the worst thing about this Indian Premier League (IPL) season. The umpiring standards have fallen below the level of expectations that fans had for RCB. Yes, the poor decisions by the umpires in IPL 2018, have left everyone fretted except the bookies.

We saw it once again during Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders match, when the umpire gave a no-ball even though the feet of the pacer Tom Curran was way behind the crease. Seems like umpires are following the cricket rules written by D Company.

Therefore, in order to avoid further embarrassment, IPL has decided to hire the notorious and famous Steve Bucknor to guide the IPL umpires on ways to avoid making bad decisions.

As per the Bucknor umpiring rule, every Mumbai 'Indians' batsmen will be given out no matter what, even if they are batting around 40-49 or 90-99. We saw this theory by lord Bucknor in international cricket against 'India' and especially if the batsman's first name started from 'S' and ended with "'R'. Aayla!

You can't fear the bowler if Bucknor is the umpire. You will only fear him then. Bowlers also rejoiced that now they will also get shoulder before wicket dismissals, apart from leg before dismissals.

Use of eye is not allowed in Bucknor rule of umpiring. Currently, umpires are not using both eyes and brain. This will surely improve the standards like demonetization was used to remove black money.

Appointing Bucknor as umpiring mentor will ensure that the bowlers get a chance to become even in a batting dominated game. His Snickometer treats air and bat equally and gives a spike even when the ball doesn't touch the bat. We need to appreciate this man's effort to make cricket a competitive and balanced game.

The umpiring standards in IPL can also be improved by removing Kumar Dharmasena. It will increase the average number of right decisions. 



By Sihyeu Singh - 10 May, 2018

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