IPL 2018: Gary Kirsten wants level playing field between the bat and ball

Gary Kirsten has been involved as an assistant coach for RCB.

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Gary Kirsten, the assistant coach for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, has come out with a thought stating he wants to see a better balance between the two departments of the game. IPL and T20 cricket in the modern day game has heavily tilted the balance of the game in favour of the batsman, and the big bats with smaller boundaries on flat pitches dominate. 

Hence, Kirsten wants the game to restore the competition by shortening the middle of the bat sizes and furthering the boundaries on cricket ground. He was quoted saying about the same to TOI that, “Pitches that help bowlers take care of this element in Test cricket. But in shorter formats, the boundaries need to be longer and bats should be downsized, You can’t allow mishits to go for fours and sixes.”

 Kirsten also talked about the other very important issue for our game to deal with. 

“The franchise cricket is attracting more attention than traditional forms from all the stakeholders of the game. The challenge is to embrace new values without losing out on traditional wisdom. The IPL is successful because it caters to the market of instant gratification. It’s fast, rewarding, exciting and entertaining.” 


By Kashish Chadha - 05 May, 2018

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