IPL 2018: Virat Kohli talks about a terrifying love letter from a fan

Kohli is adored by masses all across the globe.

Virat Kohli is currently leading RCB in IPL 2018 (IANS)

Without a shadow of doubt, Indian cricket heartthrob Virat Kohli ranks among the finest cricketers of the modern generation, if not the best. Kohli is adored by masses all across the globe and it can be seen from his presence in a particular country on within the 22 yards.

But with the huge fan following comes greater responsibility and the Indian captain is pretty much aware of it.

In his recent interview with Eros Now, Kohli revealed how over the top adulation can sometimes be a terrifying experience for a celebrity.  “I had a letter sent to me written in blood. That was nasty. It happened quite a while back in Delhi. I was going away in my car. Pulled the window down to sign something and something popped out of nowhere. I didn’t even see who gave it to me. The name was written on it and I just gave it the security guy. I couldn’t even accept it. It was very scary,” Kohli said.

During the extensive tournaments like IPL, cricketers have to travel from one city to another within a span of few hours and hence the interaction with fans is bound to happen.

Virat, who is leading the esteemed franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore for years now, also recalled a hilarious incident that took place on the flight when he was taking a nap.

“I was in a flight once.  It might have happened during the IPL games. I was sleeping with my headphones on and I woke up with a baby on my lap.  Someone was tapping on my shoulder and there was a guy who was about to take a selfie. I had my glasses on so I think the guy might have thought that I was actually watching him but I was actually sleeping,” the 29-year-old revealed.

In the ongoing Premier League, Kohli is batting as beautifully as ever. With 349 in 8 games, the RCB skipper is currently slotted at No.2 in the list of highest run-getter. As far as RCB’s showing in this year’s IPL is concerned – they have won 3 out of their 8 matches thus far and are currently placed at fifth spot on the points table.  


By Salman Anjum - 02 May, 2018

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