IPL 2018: Broadcasters in question after television shows wrong replay

RCB at the end lost the match by 46 runs.

Umesh Yadav started with a bang for RCB against MI. (IANS)

Umpiring errors have been a part and parcel of the game of cricket for many years now. It's then and there that the fate of a game changes drastically and the result turns out to be different than what's expected. 

Yesterday's game between the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore was one such instance when yet again, a broadcast glitch ended up the umpires eventually giving a wrong decision. 

The man is question here is Jasprit Bumrah who delivered a no-ball but still got away with it as MI won the match eventually. 

The on-field umpire immediately asked to see if he had overstepped. The replay shown, though, has Umesh at the non-striker's end, and the heel of Bumrah's front foot lands well inside the crease. The commentators were surprised that it was even checked. "No need to go [to the third umpire] for that," commentator Sunil Gavaskar said on air. 

This kind of error often occurs when the replay operator clicks twice, thus going to the previous ball and missing the ball in question. In this case, Umesh was indeed at the non-striker's end one ball before he got out. There is no plausible reason for this to be anything other than an innocent human mistake, but such an error has the potential to attain major significance in a tight situation.

The decision turned out to be inconsequential at the end as RCB lost the contest, however, it opened up the errors that still prevails in the game and which needs monitoring and immediate correction. Umpires too need to be more vigilant at their work as well is another important takeaway from this mistake. 


By Anshuman Roy - 18 Apr, 2018

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