IPL 2018: Mayank Markande looks back on the IPL auction day

Getting picked by the defending champions was highly unexpected the cricketer said.

Mayank Markande twitter.

There have been many stories of young cricketers getting lucky on the day of the IPL auctions in the past. The day can possibly change the life of an Indian domestic talent for forever. These domestic cricketers are often glued to the television sets on the auction day and wait till their name comes up, which can be a heartwarming as well as a disheartening experience depending on the outcome. But what about those who could be playing a cricket match and have no idea of the happening in the auction room. Mayank Markande was in that situation recently. 

Mayank was playing a U-23 game for Punjab on the auction day in January and had no idea that he has been purchased by the Mumbai Indians for the 2018 season for a price of 20 lakhs. The cricketers domestically and internationally are not allowed to use their mobile phones during the games in the dressing room by the BCCI and that's why he got 37 missed calls and 300 messages on that day he recalls, “On match days, you are not allowed to use your phone at the ground. But when I finally switched it on in the evening, I had 37 missed calls and 300 messages,” he told the official Mumbai Indians website. 

He just couldn't believe it even when he was trying to confirm it with his friends and only when the franchise's manager called & congratulated him he felt relieved and happy, “I rang up a few friends and they told me that the Mumbai Indians had picked me. I didn’t believe them. Then, I received a call from Mr Rahul Sanghvi (Mumbai’s team manager). I was finally convinced. And I thanked him wholeheartedly,” 

Mayank also went for a Mumbai Indians trials early on and although he did well there he wasn't expecting to be picked up, shedding light on this he said,  “I had performed well at the Mumbai Indians trials, but I never thought I would be picked at the auction. As a matter of fact, I was mentally prepared to work hard for another couple of years and do well in domestic cricket,” 

By Kashish Chadha - 06 Apr, 2018

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