Ahead of IPL 2018, Venkatesh Prasad shares crucial advice for the pacers

Venkatesh Prasad will be working as KXIP's bowling coach in the IPL 2018.

Any good fast bowler should be open to suggestions, says Prasad | Getty Images

Many things have changed in the modern day game -from bowling to batting, and former Indian pacer Venkatesh Prasad, who was roped in as bowling coach by Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) for the upcoming IPL 2018, has shared some crucial advice for the current crop of fast-bowlers.

Prasad, who is known for his ability to move the ball both ways with equal ease, and a slower ball which was extremely difficult to pick by any batsman. These qualities of him as a bowler helped him to finish as one of the best Indian bowlers from the previous century. 

Former Indian bowling coach believes that only bowling inswingers or outswingers are not sufficient in the modern day game, as the current bowlers have to be smart in reading the situation and executing their variations.

Speaking to the official website of KXIP, Venkatesh said, “You definitely need to have two or three varieties in today’s day and age. Gone are those days when you could only bowl inswingers or outswingers and get away. You need to be aware of the situation and there is a lot of pressure on the bowlers. They need to be smart when it comes to knowing the situation and execute their variation well. There is no scope for any bad delivery because the batsmen are looking to play their shots and you have got to be on the money.”

He signed off by saying, “Any good fast bowler should be open to suggestions and be able to observe and grasp what they are taught. You should be a keen learner. Then you start picking up some good points from people and see if it suits your style of bowling. It is not as if you can incorporate all the good pointers in your bowling, rather you will have to choose what works the best for you.”


By Rashmi Nanda - 17 Mar, 2018

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