IPL 2018: Capped and Uncapped players may change teams in a mid season transfer window

The IPL 2018 transfer window will be open for five days during the IPL 2018.

IPL chairman Rajiv  Shukla confirmed the player transfers in IPL 2018

Taking a cue from football leagues, the Indian Premier League (IPL) will also see a transfer window in the upcoming IPL 2018 edition.

"Yes, this time the IPL will see mid-season transfers," IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla confirmed the news to Mid-Day.

The transfer window will be open for five days and the transfer of players will be available between match 28 and match 42 of the IPL 2018. However, the dates are yet to be finalized as the schedule for IPL 2018 has not been revealed yet.

"The transfer will take place in between Match No. 28 and 42 and the transfer window will be open for roughly five days. The transfer will take place only if there is a demand for that particular player from another franchise," he added.

Both capped and uncapped players who have played in just two matches for their respective IPL teams ahead of the start of the transfer window, are eligible to make the move to other teams, reports suggested.

The IPL 2018 season will see a change in timings also, as the first match on the days of double headers will start at 5.30pm, instead of 4 pm; while the second match will begin by 7pm, instead of 8 pm. However, Mumbai Indians have objected to match time change and IPL GC will be having a meeting with the franchises before confirming the timings.


By Jatin Sharma - 01 Feb, 2018

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