IPL 2018: Richard Madley opens up about his decade long association with IPL auctions

The IPL 2018 auctions were held on 27th and 28th January in Bengaluru.

Madley has been associated with IPL auctions since its inception in 2008. (Twitter)

For all the IPL fans who have been following the Indian Premier League auctions since the last decade, Richard Madley will be a familiar name for them. 

He has been there, done it and seen it all at the auctions. He was surprised to see Chris Gayle remain unsold for the entire first day and also until the very end of the second day when Kings XI owner Preity Zinta had other ideas. She roped in Chris Gayle for the base price of rupees two crores which brought a smile to Madley's face. 

"It was when the entire crowd broke into applause when Kings XI Punjab bought Chris Gayle," he says, sounding as enthusiastic as he did while calling out each one of those 581 players up for auction. Gayle, once an expensive player, had remained unsold in previous two rounds" reacted an exciting Madley. 

"My father was an auctioneer, my father-in-law too. It runs in my blood," says Madley who hails from Wales. "Johnston's wife asked me to auction his collection after his death in 1994. I sold the finest collection of cricket memorabilia. Bats, balls, paintings, historic pieces" added Madley. 

MS Dhoni was the costliest player back in 2008 when Madley started his association with the Indian Premier League. Madley points out the challenges he has faced as an auctioneer with the IPL over the years and says that to stay away from them is the challenge. 

"Having an auction devoid of them is the challenge. For example, a franchise could bid after I have hammered a player which has happened twice before. There is no second or third umpire like in cricket. Also, I am watched by thousands so I need to be careful to ensure things don't go out of hand. I must be firm, fair and friendly," he adds.

Madley concluded by saying that IPL auction is a unique auction saying that is is not the money but the craze surrounding the auction which makes it a special one. 

By Anshuman Roy - 29 Jan, 2018

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