IPL: Shane Warne expecting windfall of money from India in next two years

Warne revealed his investment in the Indian Premier League.

Shane Warne | GETTY

Australia's legendary spinner Shane Warne shocked everyone with his revelation about a massive investment in India. As per Warne, it could result in a multi-million dollar payday for him.

The ex-Australia cricketer was part of the Indian Premier League. In fact, he led the Rajasthan Royals franchise to a title win in its inaugural season. Warne had returned from retirement to lead, coach, and run the team which turned out to be successful in the first season.

As per reports of Herald Sun, Warne was paid $657,000 to play and he also signed a deal to get 0.75 percent ownership of the team for every year he played. "Part of my deal because I had retired from international cricket and I came out (of retirement), they asked me to be captain, coach and run a cricket team the way I wanted to run it; I was the one-stop-shop," Warne said. 

"We were the underdogs, we were the least favored, no one gave us a chance to win. It was the first-ever year of the IPL of franchise cricket where owners bought players and players went into auctions."

Rajasthan Royals franchise now worth $200million, and Warne is expecting it to double in the upcoming two years. "Three percent of $400 million is all right," he said.

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The Aussie doesn't stop there! He is also planning to come up with a movie on IPL 2008. Warne has gone through the script and has asked for a few changes in it before starting the movie. "There were a bit too much sex, drugs and rock n roll in it, it needs to be a bit less Hollywood-ised," Warne previously told the publication.

Warne had shortlisted actors like Chris Hemsworth or Leonardo DiCaprio, but he may cast Oscar winner Russell Crowe as the lead. "He’s such a quality actor, has done a lot of different roles," Warne said.

"Chris Hemsworth is killing it and he’s an Aussie from Victoria too. I think we should have Margot Robbie too. We could have the All-Australian affair." 

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By Sihyeu Singh - 08 Dec, 2019

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