IPL 2019: WATCH – Rohit Sharma answers the most asked questions about him on internet

Rohit is leading Mumbai Indians in the ongoing Indian Premier League.

Rohit Sharma | IANS

Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma on Tuesday (April 23) made his fans feel special by answering the hottest question about himself. Fondly known as ‘Hitman’ for his remarkable ball striking ability, Rohit enjoys a massive fan following within the country and outside as well.

Taking to Twitter, the official handle of Mumbai Indians posted a video in which Sharma can be seen answering the most asked questions about him on the internet. He also has a paper in his hand to read out all the questions.

The first question was “who is Rohit Sharma’s favourite cricketer?” to which the MI skipper replied: “My favourite cricketer has always been Sachin Tendulkar and it will always remain Sachin Tendulkar. I have grown up watching him play.”

The second query was “where was Rohit Sharma born?” to which the right-hander answered: “I was born in Nagpur in 1987 and not in Mumbai.”

The third question was about Rohit’s mother tongue and he retorted, saying: “My mother tongue is Telugu. I know most of you are wondering how it is and whether I am lying or not. But I am not, that’s my mother tongue.”

The fourth question was “How did Rohit Sharma and Ritika meet?” Answering the enquiry, the 31-year-old said: “We met way back in 2008 at one of the brand shoot. She was managing the shoot and I was doing that shoot without a manager. And she thought I was in trouble because no was looking after me. So she sweetly came to me and asked for help. That is the first time we ever spoke and we ever met.”

The fifth and final query was about his daughter’s name. And the Mumbai batsman replied: “My daughter’s name is Samaira.”

Here’s the video:



By Salman Anjum - 23 Apr, 2019

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