Fans thrash Nick Compton for using a cuss word as a dig at Virat Kohli

Compton crossed the line before fans took thing in their hand.

Nick Compton was called not a very good word by fans for trolling Kohli

Indian fans are emotional about the game of cricket, as well as, the player who makes them stay glued to the game. It is tough for them to ignore when someone utters venom against their favorite player. Another example popped up when former England opener Nick Compton tried to be critical about Virat Kohli and fans gave him a harsh treatment.

Former England batsman replied to a tweet from Indian commentator Aakash Chopra in which he was praising the Indian captain. "Heard that Oxford Dictionary is considering replacing ‘Consistency’ with ‘Kohli’. Makes a lot of sense," Chopra wrote.

On which, Compton came up with a reply which doubted his potential against strong teams. "Against the West Indies?" Compton replied to Chopra's tweet.

Fans were clearly irked by his comment. Someone went on to quote Compton's tweet and abuse him in Hindi, and another Twitter user translated it to English for the English cricketer. Nick again diverted it to Virat and wrote, "I know my favorite word it’s what i think of Kohli ????." 

It worked like a fuel to the fire. Already angry with Compton, fans lashed out at him. Here is how they reacted: 


By Sihyeu Singh - 29 Oct, 2018

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