ENG v IND 2018: Virat Kohli praises the Indian fast bowlers; pays tribute to their skills and fitness

India has lost the ODI and Test series on the tour to England.

Kohli managed to put the demons of 2014 to rest with an exemplary display of battingVirat Kohli is currently captaining the Indian cricket team on the tour to England, which has been disappointing at best. India lost the ODI series, won the T20I series and has already lost the Test series with the fifth and last Test in progress.

In an interview with Michael Holding for Sky Sports, Virat Kohli opened up about his batting style, how his bowlers have turned the game around for him and his team and how he puts up with the failure in England.

Speaking about the series, Virat said, “It is a competitive series, to begin with. We have already understood and admitted the things we haven’t done well. That is something where we have come to improve on — to get into competitive positions. You understand that you have the ability, but ability only gets you to a certain extent, and then, your mental toughness comes into play when you want to win a Test series in difficult conditions and difficult countries, something we aspire to do."

"And, when you don't do that from winning positions, it hurts more than any other thing. And for us, as a team, that has been the most frustrating part. We have shown our skill sets to get into those positions and we haven't capitalized on them,” he added.

Indian fast bowlers have made everyone sit up and take notice, Bhuvneshwar's absence was barely noticed in EnglandTalking about the pressure, Kohli said, “I am focused on having a very solid life and being happy with life and doing the right thing on a daily basis. Then, everything feels like an enjoyable journey and part of the larger picture.

I don't play for people, perceptions or reputations. I only play for the team to win. I didn't start to play for numbers. People will only remember your attitude and what you brought to the field. Nobody talks about Sir Viv Richards’ average, they talk about his attitude and the charisma he brought to the field, how he inspired people. I see this as a greater responsibility to be put in the position I am by that power, to inspire people. For that, I need to do the right thing from morning till night,” Kohli added.

Kohli replied, “I am thinking about two things — the second innings in Birmingham and the first innings in Southampton. I am not thinking about the number of runs I have scored, because, as I said, numbers don't matter to me,” when speaking about the moments India missed in the Test series.

Virat Kohli was very proud how much the Indian fast bowlers have evolved over time and that they have picked 20 wickets in a Test match with alarming accuracy from the start of 2018.

He said, “It is the hard work of the individuals. These guys want to be the best bowlers in the world and that is what I am proud to see as a captain. When you see them running in, bowling in partnerships, bowling for each other, it is a beautiful feeling. You are not trying to outdo anyone but only trying to take 10 wickets for your team. They have worked on their fitness, strength and are honest about their preparations. So, the main focus is to take 10 wickets. They believe that they can take 20 wickets in a game and that is what matters.”

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By Jatin Sharma - 08 Sep, 2018

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