ENG vs IND 2018: Anderson has exposed Murali Vijay’s technique against the moving ball, says VVS Laxman

Vijay was bowled by Anderson in the first over of the game at Lord's.

Anderson got Vijay out bowled in the very first over of the game. (Getty)

It wasn't as great ball as people think it is but it did expose Murali Vijay's technique against the moving ball, says VVS Laxman. It was the first over of the game at Lord's, James Anderson bowled a late away swinger that surely Murali Vijay didn't spot properly and instead of playing it as straight as possible, he squared up to play the flick through mid-wicket. The ball crashed on to stumps and there you go, the world got it's another great ball to celebrate. 

VVS Laxman being the person that he is, pointed out exactly what he saw. 

Laxman, who is working as an expert for ESPNcricinfo said, “He’s got a very good temperament, he plays with a lot of patience and perfect but today I think the technique was exposed, he usually plays the ball straight and just close to his body early on in the innings but this time he closed the face of the bat in his attempt to tuck it on the on-side."

“Early in his innings, Vijay always looks to play in the ‘v’ whereas today he just closed the face. Credit to Anderson … right from the first ball he was asking tough questions and used the conditions really well. The downflow of the bat was not perfect, as he would have liked it to be. I think Murali Vijay, seeing that wicket, will be really disappointed,”

Vijay these days isn't batting like the player he once was and that should be the more worrying sign for Indian Cricket. There is more to that dismissal against James Anderson and the right people must start gauging these things early. 

Laxman concluded, “We always expect a lot from Vijay the opener for the simple reason that in the last round of overseas tours in 2013 and 2014, he was probably the most consistent batsman. And in a crucial position, that of an opener, Today’s dismissal … that’s not something you expect from Murali Vijay.”


By Kashish Chadha - 11 Aug, 2018

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