ENG vs IND 2018: Enjoying the ride of being involved in all formats, says Jos Buttler

Buttler made his return to England's Test side earlier in the summer against Pakistan.

Jos Buttler made his return to England's Test side earlier in the home summer against Pakistan. (Getty)

Having made his return to the white clothing in the early part of the home summer against Pakistan, Jos Buttler is enjoying this phase of his career. He feels really happy being given the opportunity to represent England in all formats of the game and that seems to be showing in the brand of the cricket he is playing.

He has been magnificent ever since coming back from a stint with Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League 2018 and the freedom he mentally feels while batting, can be seen in the way he has been scoring his runs from then.

Buttler wants to keep going this way and is unperturbed by the challenge against India, as long as he is feeling good about his game.

He recently said, "Reinforcing the enjoyment factor and the incredible opportunity it is to play Test cricket, Because those two games [against Pakistan], I wasn't sure how it would go but I approached it in a great manner and that's important for me to do that going into this series."

"It's a huge series. India are a fantastic team and are in all conditions now. Australia is a huge series for England but India aren't far behind, We all know the force of nature that is Indian cricket. They are always highly talented guys and a highly competitive team and of all the countries we play against, they have the biggest following and cricket is as much a religion there as anywhere in the world. Incredibly tough challenge."

Familiarity with faces in the opposition camp, Buttler believes, will also help, he said, "There's a few guys I've played well and have friendships with, On the field, it seems to be forgotten and everyone is very competitive. There's familiar faces, guys who you know a bit more about than just the cricketer. That's one of the great things about world cricket now. You get these opportunities to play all around the world and you get to meet some great people. There's a lot more familiarity between the sides that there ever has been before."

"Moeen played with Virat at RCB and Chahal, I saw them getting on quite well. I've played with Hardik Pandya myself at Mumbai. I'm sure there will be moments during the series on the field where those things will be forgotten. It will be highly competitive. People can get on well, know people well but international sport, and the reason guys have got there is that they want to win so it'll be no different."

Finally giving his own insight into the debate regarding the selection of Adil Rashid, Buttler thinks, "I'm excited for him, He's shown his class as a bowler back in the India and Bangladesh Test matches. He's bowling as well as I've ever seen him bowl. He's looks full of confidence, full of character and excited about the challenge. At times [India could pick him]. He's a guy with excellent variation. I think you very rarely pick every single delivery a wrist-spinner bowls. He's got good disguise and I'm sure he will take the confidence he has been bowing with all summer into the Test matches."

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By Kashish Chadha - 29 Jul, 2018

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