CWC 2019: England- COC Players' Ratings

England became World Champs for the first time after three defeats in finals in 1979, 1987 and 1992.

Eoin Morgan and England team with British PM Theresa May | GettyFinally, the inventors of the game of cricket, England have won an ICC ODI World Cup and proved their supporters correct after they were touted as the favorites to do so. They did manage to make things hard for themselves and barely qualified for the knockouts. But throughout the tournament, the home team was never in doubt that they were indeed in the tournament to win it.

Eoin Morgan had built that self-belief in the team that they could do it and picked the right players to do it. There were some players who should have been in the squad but missed out due to pure chance. The players who were picked showed why the selectors put their trust in them. Ben Stokes put the stage on fire with his brilliant catch in the tournament opener and Jofra Archer showed why he was rated so high throughout the tournament.

Everyone played their roles to perfection and this led to probably the greatest day in English cricket history. Therefore, Team COC presents to you the players’ rating of ICC World Cup 2019.

Here are the players’ ratings for England in the ICC World Cup 2019


By Jatin Sharma - 16 Jul, 2019

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