Shastri wants IPL teams to help in managing Indian players' workload

March 23 is when 2019 Indian Premier League season kickstarts, while the ICC Cricket World Cup begins in England on May 30.

India has had a gruelling schedule in recent times | Getty

Team management will do its best to ensure their key players aren't fatigued during the upcoming edition of Indian Premier League(IPL). Virat Kohli's men have been playing non-stop cricket across all formats in recent times and it is now a necessity that they get adequate rest whenever needed. 

Winning this year's ICC Cricket World Cup is the main priority and hence, head coach Ravi Shastri and his team will be in direct contact with each of the eight franchises in April and May. 

"They have been in excellent rhythm so far. During the IPL, we will try and speak to the franchises and their captains," Shastri told Cricbuzz in an interview, "We want to make sure that they play only an optimal number of matches without affecting their fitness or form for the World Cup. We will seek proper rest for them, so they are in absolute readiness for the World Cup."

But Shastri, who still wants his players to fine tune their skill set in the cash-rich T20 league, clarified that he can't "interfere too much" in IPL selection matters as it officially falls under franchises' jurisdiction. 

"Even after IPL we have 10 days, so we will take care of certain aspects and work from there. But during the IPL it is extremely important that they work on their physical fitness and on their skills," he further said.

"We will be talking to all our players and franchises about their workloads. Even though we cannot interfere too much, we definitely will be talking to players to maintain their optimal performance state."


By Kashish Chadha - 07 Feb, 2019

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