Asia Cup 2018: Kevin Pietersen takes a dig at Brett Lee

Pietersen impressed with Jasprit Bumrah's action.

Brett Lee had dismissed Pietersen on 9 occasions in international cricket | Getty Images

Kevin Pietersen and Brett Lee were involved in an entertaining debate at the commentary box during the Asia Cup 2018 final between India and Bangladesh in Dubai on Friday (September 28).

It is known that Pietersen was not only an entertainer as a batsman, but also he maintained the same status ever since turning out as a cricket pundit, while Australian great is also doing the same, bringing together their sharp wit and cricketing knowledge to the good mix while on the mic.

Former England skipper was lauding the Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah for his ability to bowl in the blockhole and keep it tight towards the business end of Bangladesh’s innings during the final.

While commenting on Bumrah’s action, Pietersen took a dig at fellow commentator and one-time rival Brett Lee, saying: “Bumrah doesn’t have a conventional action. He takes a few steps at the start of his run-up, then stutters and finally runs in from a short distance before delivering the ball. Does that mean bowlers like Brett Lee, who ran in from the sightscreen, were show ponies?”

On the other hand, Lee took the joke in its spirit and replying with an even more entertaining response, saying: “You need to run in to entertain the people.”

Lee signed off by saying that the bowlers need the run-up in order to be able to bowl fast to create momentum in the match.


By Rashmi Nanda - 29 Sep, 2018

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