Asia Cup 2018: WATCH- A Pakistani team fan sings Indian national anthem before IND-PAK game

India defeated Pakistan in their first meeting in over a year by 8 wickets.

A Pakistani fan singing the Indian National Anthem | FacebookAny India-Pakistan cricket match is a place to see real fandom come to fore. Both sides have fierce rivalry not only on the field but off the field, their fans too have a rivalry of their own.

Most of the times, the Indian and Pakistani fans fight only on social media, abuse is limited to their internet. Both fans are pretty friendly when it comes to having the camaraderie in the ground. Bashir Chacha, the face of Pakistani fandom recently organized the trip for the face of Indian fandom, Sudhir Gautam and there are many such examples of brotherhood between the two nations’ fans.

A recent example was seen during the India and Pakistan match in Dubai in the ongoing Asia Cup 2018. A Pakistani fan by the name of Adil Taj is seen singing the Indian national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’, just before the commencement of the India and Pakistan match.

Such an example of friendship is indeed heartwarming and should be seen more.

Here is the video of him singing the Indian national anthem:


By Jatin Sharma - 21 Sep, 2018

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