Asia Cup 2018: WATCH- Indian cricket players fighting heat in UAE in an innovative yet funny way

The temperature in UAE is unbearable for some Indian players who just traveled back from England.

File Pic: Rohit Sharma | GETTY

The extremely hot conditions in the United Arab Emirates has bothered the visiting teams here. Playing under 40 degree Celcius isn't easy. It can tire out the players very soon, and with a game like India vs Pakistan lined-up, one can't allow heat to take a toll on their players.

But the Indian cricket team has found out a solution to fight the heat. They are beating the heat in an innovative way.

In a video shared by, Rohit Sharma said 'it feels like Mumbai and Chennai have come together'. The weather is so hot there, the players aren't stepping out in open after completing their net session.

The stand-in skipper Rohit added that the supporting staffs are making sure the players stay hydrated as it may not look very threatening but the heat is capable of taking down anyone.

India vs Pakistan is the most anticipated game of the tournament and before playing Hong Kong, Rohit had said he will understand the conditions better after the first game. "Once we finish the first game we will look at Pakistan, what their strengths and weaknesses are. Looking at the pitch, I think we have the perfect combination and the guys to do the job.

“A few players have come from England so it’s going to be a challenge for them. For the rest of us, we have been here for the last four days so I can probably say we are very much used to the conditions. It’s game time, so we have to focus on the game rather than the conditions,” he had said.

Not only India, even Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed wasn't pleased with the heat. “If you look at the schedule, even if India lose pool match, they still play in Dubai. Traveling is an issue. If you have to travel 90 minutes and then play matches with a gap of a single day, then it is challenging.

“I believe it should have been the same for all the teams, irrespective of whether it is India or Pakistan. I don’t know what was Asian Cricket Council’s thought behind this, I think PCB is looking into the matter,” said Sarfraz.


By Sihyeu Singh - 19 Sep, 2018

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