ASIA CUP 2018: WATCH – Gambhir and Afridi engage in a healthy conversation, blame media for spicing their rivalry

Gambhir and Afridi have a history of heated exchanges on and off the field.

Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi

As India and Pakistan gear up to face each other in the Asia Cup 2018, news channels from both the countries hosted a joint show. While Gautam Gambhir was one of the panelists on the Indian channel (ABP NEWS), Shahid Afridi was present in the show for Pakistani channel (ARY NEWS).

It’s no secret that Gambhir and Afridi have a history of heated exchanges on and off the field. Even after being away from international cricket, both of them often engage in fiery arguments on Twitter.

However, Gambhir and Afridi surprised everyone by sharing a healthy conversation this time around. It all started when the Indian anchor brought the controversial Twitter conversations between Afridi and Gambhir on the show. To which Afridi replied, “it is Gautam’s love”. And Gambhir responded by saying, “the tweets deserve that type of replies.”

Afridi further stated: “I believe that as celebrities we should carry the message of love and peace.”

Gambhir retorted: “Absolutely, 100 percent… I believe in the fact that jawans (soldiers) die on this side and they die at the other side (Pakistan) as well… Mothers lose their sons there and here…”

The southpaw went on to add that the two countries should only play cricket when the relations improve bilaterally.

“I think that is what matters… Because I have earlier also said this that the lives of the people (on both sides) are more important,” Gambhir opined.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani anchor tried to spice up the show by bringing the infamous on-field tussle between Gambhir and Afridi from the 2007 ODI series in India.

Interestingly, both the cricketers blamed the media for giving a negative image to their heated altercation. They also added that arguments on the cricket field happen because of the heat of the moment and it is not something personal or they take it off the field.

Here’s the video:  


By Salman Anjum - 19 Sep, 2018

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