WATCH: Nathan Lyon looks for revenge after Mitchell Starc's prank on him the other day

Mitchell Starc pulled down pants of Lyon, as he was in middle of an interview yesterday.

Mitchell Starc pulling down Lyon's pant | Fox Sports

Players like to pull off pranks on each other, especially with those who have a better bonding with them. During the second Test, we got to see an incident which everyone enjoyed except the Australian spinner, Nathan Lyon. The reason was the hilarious-cum-embarrassing moment happened with Lyon only.

Lyon was talking on a pre-match show ahead of day three in Perth, it was Mitchell Starc who came running and pulled Lyon's pants down on air. It was an embarrassing moment for the spinner, but he handled the situation well and kept on answering the question, after pulling his pants up.

“That’s all right — just get the sponsors in there,” said Lyon, before revealing his approach to bowling to Indian captain Virat Kohli.

“Obviously (he’s) one of the best players in the world, but we don’t fear him or I don’t fear him, I respect him, but it’s a great contest playing one of the great players of the game so it’s always a great challenge.”

He might not have reacted much at that time, but Lyon was certainly looking for a revenge. He showed up when Starc was sitting with the commentary panel, giving an interview himself. Lyon then decided to get his revenge. He made faces and tried to distract him from the interview.

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By Sihyeu Singh - 17 Dec, 2018

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