AUS v IND 2018-19: Ponting critical of on-field umpires for not calling no-balls during Adelaide Test

Aaron Finch was reprieved by DRS showing a no-ball, having been given out LBW by Kumar Dharmasena.

Ishant got the batsman out trapped in front but was later punished for overstepping the crease | Getty

Former skipper Ricky Ponting has called for greater attention and better decision making regarding frontline no balls from the on-field umpires, in wake of some genuine mistakes made during the first Australia versus India Test, at the historic Adelaide Oval.

Remarking in context of the incident when Ishant Sharma trapped Aaron Finch LBW but was later found to have overstepped the line on DRS, Ponting called for an increased scrutiny from umpires on no balls.

The official broadcasters later showed a package that saw Ishant crossing the line on quite a few occasions when the on-field umpire didn't notice.

"I've said this for a lot of years; I honestly don't think the umpires look at the front line anymore. Some of the ones we've seen today... he was 4-6 inches over the line," Ponting told, "I don't think the umpires are looking and I certainly don't think they were looking at those ones because they were blatantly obvious ones."

"And as we know now, they'll only ever look at them if a wicket falls, which as far as I'm concerned is not right. Part of umpiring is to get the no-ball decisions right as well. I'm not asking for everything to be spot on, but if you're six inches over then surely you can call it," he added.

Ponting also believes that had umpires called out Ishant's no balls earlier on in the game, the Virat Kohli led Indian side could've ensured enhanced focus from their most experienced paceman.

"If I was the fielding team, I'd want to know. If I was Virat Kohli and I knew that my bowler was bowling a no-ball more often than not, I'd want to know that so I could pull that back in line," he signed off.


By Kashish Chadha - 09 Dec, 2018

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