AUS v IND 2018-19: Before mocking Virat, Langer and Australia should look at their own past, says Sourav Ganguly

Langer had commented in context of the widespread scrutiny over Australian players' behavior.

It has been a gruelling Test match for both teams out there | Getty

Before being critical of Indian skipper Virat Kohli's behaviour and conduct on the field it would be more prudent that Justin Langer and Australia reflect back at their own ways in the past, said Sourav Ganguly.

Ganguly's comments came in wake of hosts' current head coach claiming that Australians would be termed as "the worst blokes in the world" if they happen to celebrate like Kohli does, as Langer suggested to existence of a "fine line" in being jubilant over success and going well over the top.

"He’s a superstar of the game and he’s the captain. We’ve talked for as long as I can remember in Australian cricket teams that you want to keep the opposition captain down as much as possible," Langer was quoted saying by Fox Cricket, "You love seeing that passion in sport. Mind you I think if we did that at the moment we’d be the worst blokes in the world."

"It’s a fine line, isn’t it? That’s the truth of it, but I love seeing the passion, that is a great passion. But as I said there’s a fine line."

Responding to that opinion in a characteristic avatar, Ganguly told India TV, "I would like to say one thing to Justin Langer. He should watch old footage of Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath or Jason Gillespie from India's previous tours to Australia and then say something."

While you can understand the legitimacy of Langer's point, aware of the widespread scrutiny that Australian players have had over their behavior and overall conduct, since the infamous ball tampering incident and the ethics & cultural review that subsequently followed, bemoaning the "win at all costs" decision making, the 48-year-old has wisened up about things.

Urging them to "be bloody good" but ensure that they play with "elite honesty", Langer had earlier warned his men against the breaching the fine line of gamesmanship with the whole world watching the battle against India.

"Be bloody good, not just at being the number one team in the world, be elite in values," he had told Fairfax Media ahead of the start of the four-match Test series, "Where we were with Australian cricket at rock bottom eight months ago with what happened in South Africa, the word ‘elite’ … we have to raise the standard."

"Take the word ‘elite’ out, ok, honesty is a crucial value. If we’re going to develop you’ve got to have honesty with each other, professionalism, humility, learning and your mates."

"They’re really important parts, not just what I believe but what I’ve seen in Australian and West Australian cricket for a very long time."


By Kashish Chadha - 09 Dec, 2018

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