Morgan speaks on Maxwell's controversial reprieve

Australia won the match by 5 wickets.

Maxwell scored 103 off 58 balls. (Zee Media)

The proverb "luck favors the brave" was very much proved right on Wednesday when Glenn Maxwell scored a scintillating century to guide Australia to a victory in the second T20I of the triangular series against England. 

He scored 103 of 55 balls bringing to the fore a wide range of shots against which the England bowlers were helpless. He was ruled out when he was held out on the deep by Jason Roy but almighty god and third umpire Chris Brown had other ideas. 

Replays prompted the third umpire to change the original decision which meant that Maxwell got a retrieve just before his century. He took full advantage of this decision as he went on to score his second his second T20 ton to guide Australia to victory. 

England skipper Eoin Morgan was watching everything from the other end.  England captain Eoin Morgan said he thought the catch "looked out" but accepted the eventual decision which came at a crucial juncture of Australia's chase following Marcus Stoinis' dismissal at 98 for 4.

However, as things turned out Maxwell was given not out and he continued his domination. "It looked out but I fully accept the decision was overturned, ultimately the third umpire is always right," Morgan told the BBC. "Maxwell played very well and took the game away from us."

"We all know TV makes it look worse than it is. I trust [Roy's] call and I agreed with the [on-field] umpire's call. But I can understand how it got overturned" Morgan went on to add. 

"I definitely didn't have a clear view, it's just one of those where you never know what it might look like when they send it up to the third umpire" said Maxwell regarding his controversial decision. 

"As a fielder, you think you catch it. The rule states if the ball touches any part of the ground [it's not out] and it looked like it was touching part of the ground when it came up on the big screen. The umpires told us what was going on and ruled in my favor, luckily.With those ones where it doesn't go completely cleanly into your hands and it's more of a fingers catch, you always have that little bit of doubt and you're almost trying to convince yourself that it's out. The umpire ruled in my favor, so I'm pretty happy." Maxwell further went on to add.

Morgan on the other end concluded his argument saying that the Decision Review System is still not conclusive enough to rule a batsmen out using technology.  "I don't know how ,I don't have a solution. If there's no right answer to something you can't correct it. I'm all for reviewing...but there's no solution to it yet" said Morgan on DRS. 


By Anshuman Roy - 08 Feb, 2018

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